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About Trebinje

About Trebinje

If you visit this stone oasis in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will have the desire to get back again. Located in the hinterland of the southern Adriatic, only 25 kilometers from the sea, Trebinje is a veritable treasury of cultural - historical heritage, created by a mixture of different peoples and civilizations that have passed through the area. Orient and Mediterranean blend gives it a special charm, so that the spirit and charm of these different worlds can be felt at every turn.

What make the region a truly unique and distinctive place are the hospitality and the warm relationship of the local population towards the guests who visit it. Here, you will be welcomed warmly and kindly, and each resident as a good Herzegovinian hosts will be ready to meet all your needs and desires. City of sun, wine and plane trees, as many call Trebinje, is located at 273 meters above sea level with a mild climate and 260 sunny days a year. Has about 36 000 inhabitants, is the economic and cultural center of Eastern.

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