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Počitelj near Čapljina

Počitelj near Čapljina

Počitelj is the small town of great historical importance, situated on a steep cliff on the left bank of the Neretva River in the municipality of Čapljina. The name of this town was first mentioned in February 19th, 1444 in the charter of the Duke of Herceg Stjepan Vukčić.

Origin of the name Počitelj is still not resolved. Honor to those who decided to come live in this rocky ridge, the kingdom of fig trees and pomegranates: they could not have chosen a better place. The afternoon sun makes Počitelj wonderful. An octagonal tower, an ancient fortification of Hungarian kings (Matthias Corvinus) and Herzegovinian dukes (duke Vlatko), still defends the town. A set of walls protects the village from behind. The minaret of Hadži-Alija Mosque, son of Musa tries to reach the sky.

In the seventeenth century, Sisman Ibrahim Pasha restored the mosque, built baths, the Koranic school and the great clock tower. The beauty erased by the war was given back to this village on the Neretva River by reconstruction and restoration in 2000.


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Medjugorje is a little town in west Herzegovina, located about 25 kilometers south-west of Mostar and very close to the Croatian border. It is the main spiritual town in this region and the second-largest Catholic pilgrimage destination in the world, with around 5,000 inhabitants.
Neum is a town in south Herzegovina and the only coastal town in this country, with 24 kilometers of Adriatic coastline. There are around 5,000 inhabitants in this town. Neumene was its historical name, which is first mentioned in 533.
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Kupres is a town in north-western Herzegovina, located in the middle of the Kupres Plain (Kupreško polje), with more than 10,000 inhabitants. It was first mentioned in documents of Kingdom of Croatia.
Ljubuški is a town in the western parts of Herzegovina, located on the left bank of Trebižat River near the Croatian border and 35 kilometers from Mostar. It was first mentioned in 1444 as the acity of Lubussa.
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Široki Brijeg
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Čapljina is a town in southwest Herzegovina, located on the right bank of Neretva River, with more than 26,000 inhabitants. The important highways and rail routes connecting the Adriatic Sea with Bosnia and with the Central Europe go through this town.
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Mostar is the biggest city in Herzegovina, located on the banks of Neretva River. It is also cultural and economic center of this area, with more than 130,000 inhabitants. The city is named after bridge keepers, who guarded numerous bridges at the river, back in the medieval times.
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